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Change a life through foster parentingFosterVA is a campaign started by Extra Special Parents (a licensed child placing agency) to raise awareness of Virginia’s need for great foster families. Great foster parents make a difference in a youth’s ability to develop resiliency, which allows them to survive and thrive with the right support.

Great foster parents provide a safe and stable environment where our youth flourish. Where our youth flourish. Extra Special Parents takes the role of certifying foster parents seriously. So we spend one-on-one time getting to know our families, provide strength-based parent training and have a trauma aware understanding of the youth that may come into your home.

As of March, 2022, there are over 4,973 children in foster care in the state of Virginia who need a loving home until they can return to their own, and 1,724 children waiting to find their forever family through adoption. Due to the large number of children in foster care in Virginia, local social services departments have approved some agencies to assist in placing foster children in loving homes.

All licensed child placing agencies have knowledgeable teams and are ready to help you in creating a loving and caring home for a child, with or without special needs. Making sure that you and your child are matched well is extremely important to us all. When you begin your fostering journey, making sure you have the right fit with a licensed child placing agency is important to your success as a foster parent.

Extra Special Parents goes the extra mile to provide you with the support, guidance and education needed to be successful. 

Change a Life YOURS!

When you are ready to call us on 1 (866) 782 9474 or fill out a form, you will have chosen to help fix foster care one child at a time, that’s all we can ask of you.

We know all children in Foster care did not make a choice to be taken by the Department of Social Services DSS and removed from their family. Still, it happened, and now they need a bed to sleep in, an adult to care for them and an opportunity to live a full and fantastic life.

With you, guidance and support a child with trauma and pain will find their feet again and start to grow into a tremendous person.


Foster Parent training and support within a Treatment Foster Care (TFC) agency

Foster Parent Training

Training is offered to all individuals looking to become foster parents. This training provides information on strength-based parenting, Virginia’s foster care system, trauma-informed care, behavior management, and other important topics. 

When becoming a treatment foster care parent, you will also be provided with monthly training and support groups that cover various parenting and foster care topics.


On Call to Help!

Our crisis line helps the parent(s) and child in case of an emergency. This line is open 24/7. We know that events can occur at any time of the day and we are ready to assist you precisely when you need us most.

How to foster or adopt a child to make a real difference

How to fosterConsider the dramatic positive impact you can have on thousands of people by caring for one abused or neglected child. By helping a child to make positive changes in their life, you help them to become a stronger person, a better parent, a better neighbor, and a better member of society. Choosing to foster a child will help change the world.

People commonly say, “I could never foster children because I wouldn’t be able to let them go.” We all try to guard our hearts against hurt, but children need the love and safety of caring adults more than we need to protect our feelings. Do not be so afraid of grief that it stops you from changing a child’s life. Choose to foster or adopt, and focus on the positive impact you will leave on your community and this world. The self-esteem and purpose this builds in your life will far outweigh the challenges you face in the process.

Now that you’re ready to become a foster parent here’s what you need to do:

Click the link and fill out the form provided, one of our Family Services Advocates will call you shortly to answer all your questions. 

Fostering or adopting, we want to help you

Do you want to adopt a child? Extra Special Parents can assist you with fulfilling your dream. Our team is dedicated to connecting you with resources to positively transform a child’s life, forever changing their trajectory. All you have to do to get started is pick up the phone and we will guide you. We'll help find you an agency, such as FosterVA or Extra Special Parents, to make your dream come true!

How We Are Changing the Adoption Landscape in Virginia 

Improving adoption ratesWe are improving the adoption rates in Virginia and consistently find permanent loving families for children in a timely manner. The Adoption Through Collaborative Partnerships grant (ATCP) was created to provide the local departments of social services the ability and financing required to provide services to finalize adoptions for children and youth in foster care.

At Extra Special Parents, we have been a proud recipient of the ATCP grant since 2014. We coordinate with local DSS workers to ensure that all the required documents are completed, that the families have access to life books and can process the steps to bring the adoption to fruition. 

There are over 5,500 kids in foster care in the State of Virginia. Some of those youths need a home until they can return to their family of origin, while others are waiting to find their forever home through adoption. Regardless of their circumstances, every child needs at least one adult in their life to tell them they are important, they have value, and they are loved. Will you be that adult for a child in foster care?

Foster Today!

We have made the process simple so you can easily become the family that a child needs. We are here to help you find out if fostering is for you by guiding you through this rewarding process. 

Family Services Advocate

Foster Parent AdvocatesYour Family Services Advocate is your partner in this journey to becoming a foster parent. Their primary role is to educate you about the process to become a foster parent and answer any questions you may have along the way. They are there to take you step by step, encourage you and provide you any additional support you may need.

Once you become an approved foster parent with Extra Special Parents your Family Service Advocate will remain by your side. They will be there to support you through your very first placement and all future placements. They are there to help you reach your personal and family goals and make this process as easy as possible for you.

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