Best Movies about Adoption and Foster Care

The Best Movies about Adoption and Foster Care

Becoming a foster or adoptive parent is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. However, it’s essential to learn about fostering and adoption as you can in preparation. Whether you’re preparing yourself, your partner, or your children, there are plenty of movies that address the subject.

If you’re looking for the perfect movies about adoption, take a look at these great suggestions.

1. Instant Family

This heart-warming movie is about a couple who decide to adopt a child and adopt three siblings. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, and it addresses the fact that adoption can be challenging but in a comical way.

In Instant Family, one of the siblings is a teenager, and she is very cynical of her new parents. She does everything she can to push them away. Get the tissues ready because the ending is a tear-jerker, with a happy adoption ending

2. Martian Child

If you’re looking for movies about foster boys, this is a great example. Martian Child stars John Cusack as a father who adopts a young boy who believes he is from Mars. Because he thinks this, some of his behavior is perceived as odd, and he feels he doesn’t fit in.

This movie perfectly depicts the role of a foster parent in helping a child to overcome while showing acceptance for who they are. 

3. Anne of Green Gables

Movies about foster children are hard to come by, but what better way to prepare yourself than with a film based on a classic book. The story of Anne of Green Gables follows an 11-year-old girl from Nova Scotia in Canada. Anne lives as a servant but is soon taken to an orphanage.

From there, she is adopted by a family, and we follow her struggles and adventures through life as we watch. 

4. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is an excellent example of leaping faith in someone. It’s not something that depicts instant families but rather a developing relationship that blossoms into something extraordinary. The movie is about a young boy whose family can’t afford to support him.

Sandra Bullock plays a concerned mother whose children attend the same school as the young boy. She takes him in and offers him a place to stay as a temporary solution to his problems. However, he soon becomes a much-loved member of the family.

5. Annie

The story of Annie is well known. It’s up there as one of the best movies about foster girls. Annie is a young girl living in a New York orphanage during the Great Depression. She is mistreated terribly in the orphanage and longs for her parents to come and find her.

Eventually, she is fostered by a billionaire gentleman to improve his image. She is then kidnapped and held for ransom. When she is safely returned, her foster father officially adopts her.

Watching Movies About Adoption

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