Five Quick Advantages for Foster parents who stay home.

Some advantages to be a stay at home Foster parent in Virginia

Some advantages to be a stay at home Foster parent in Virginia

Do I have to stay at home if I become a Foster parent?

While the answer is no, but there are a few advantages for foster parents who stay at or work from home that I'd like to highlight? Below are four immediate benefits to be noted:

1. Avoid daycare fees​

You have the strong potential to save money on daycare, buying lunch to send off with them weekly (making home-cooked meals or lunches that I'll bet they'll enjoy much more), etc. While at times the state may pay for daycare for your children, there is no guarantee, and with you working from or staying at home, you'll save a few coins on this one. 

2. Can make most appointments   meetings for/with the child​

The reality is that you will have some mandatory meetings to attend about your foster child (family planning meetings, family assessment and planning team meetings, possibly attend therapy sessions, etc.), as well as doctor and dental appointments. It could normally cause potential difficulty attempting to attend all of them, yet if you're working from home or a stay-at-home parent, you'll more than likely be able to make these appointments.

3. You're already present if they get sick or need assistance​

No matter how well we protect and safeguard our children, at some point, they will get sick. When they do, you have immediate access to them to access the situation, take care of them, or you can take them to the doctor without delay. 

4. More time spent with your foster child (give more love and supervision to the foster child)

You can give more love to your child if home with them for the day versus only after you've come home from a full day away at work.​ ​You may have a child that requires more attention than average. That particular child may need constant supervision. If you have a younger child, you'll also be more than likely to observe the essential milestones (first step, loss of teeth, etc.) They get to watch you working and see into ​a day in the life​. 

5. Lastly,​ ​you'll form a bond quicker if with them for the day

One thing is sure: whether you choose to stay home, foster full-time, work full-time, or do respite care, there is a need for your love and supervision in the foster care system, and we welcome all versions of it. Contact us here at ESP and find out what will best fit your life and the child's life and see how you can merge the two. 

My name is Vincent Ellis White, and I am a Home Study Specialist at Extra Special Parents (ESP) , a licensed foster care treatment agency in Virginia. I mainly have two tasks in my ESP role: 1: I train potential foster parents and guide them as they navigate the road to certification to become licensed foster parents. 2: I conduct home studies of likely foster parents, a critical part of the certification road.

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