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Instant Family a movie about foster to adoption

Instant Family - A Movie About Foster to Adoption

Instant Family is a feel-good family movie that has inspired many people in the United States and worldwide to embark on their own foster family journeys. While the film scored a 7.3 on IMBD, FosterVA has named it one of the best movies about adoption and foster care.

The film was written and directed by Sean Anders and stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne. The actors give life to Pete and Ellie, a couple who want to fill a home with love and additional family members. The film also stars Tig Notaro and Octavia Spencer, who assist the couple as foster parent advocates.

Pete and Ellie enter foster care training and expect to adopt a young child. Instead, they return home with a set of three siblings. The movie follows the adoptive family and their struggles, going from having zero kids to having two kids and a rebellious teenager.

Sean Anders, the director, wanted to make a movie about his foster-to-adopt experience. Based primarily on his family's adventure in foster care and adoption, Sean consulted with many other foster families to write a movie script that helped cover a lot of aspects of foster parent work.

This movie shows a glimpse of the rainbow coalition of families that make up the foster family network in America. Not only is this movie a joy to watch, but it will also give you an idea of what it looks like to become a foster parent. It shows that you don't have to be perfect to help children in foster care or to provide an amazing foster home.

If you are considering fostering or adoption, use this movie as preparation. Hollywood has obviously put its spin on the social services process, but it can give you an idea of what you are signing up for as a parent in the foster care system.

The struggles of becoming a permanent family are valid. Foster children carry a lot of troubles that can affect the relationship. However, they can learn to overcome those challenges with love and patience. This movie shows it all: the highs and lows, the frustrations, and the moments that touch your soul.

If you are a family with children and you're considering fostering or adopting more children, show this film to your kids. It can be a great introduction to the conversation of growing your loving family.

This movie is also great for families who are looking to foster or adopt teenagers in foster care or sets of siblings. Those two demographics have the highest need for support in the foster care system as they can be the most challenging yet rewarding to take on.

If you've watched the movie and feel fostering or adoption is suitable for you and your family, contact us for support. The most significant step to becoming a foster parent is to make the first move. You can always change your mind, but getting educated and understanding how your skills can help is essential.

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