Playing with Fire, IMDB 4.6, a Fun Movie for all the Family

A review of the movie Playing with fire

Playing with Fire a fun Family Movie IMDB 4.6 2019

John Cena Plays a Tough Smoke Jumper When his Heart is Transformed by some Fantastic Foster Kids.

Well, this is not a "Gone with the Wind" movie, but for a goofy, fun-loving kids' movie with a great message about how kids need to have a forever home and a loving parent; this movie is going to be just the ticket, it only scored a 4.6 on IMDB. Still, I have to say if you are looking for a film with a strong message and a reliable and safe PG movie, you can not go far wrong with this choice. 

John Cena is the lead actor playing Jake Carson, a tough firefighter who runs a tight ship at his station that any five-star general would be proud of with his dedicated crew of smoke-jumpers. Jake lost his father when he was younger and wished to follow in his footsteps and become the very best firefighter and dreams of becoming the division commander for his district as his father wanted to be. 

Jake Carson and his team quote these words throughout the film. I have to say what a great message to send to your kids. 

"We must be at our very best every second of every day."

With such a high-risk job, you understand very quickly that Jake always has his team/family at the front of his mind. His firefighters are so dedicated to him and what it means to be in his family. After being deployed into a small forest fire, Jake could drop cable from his chopper into their family cabin and rescue three kids out a life, and these were Brynn and her younger siblings, Will and Zoey. Jake and his team rescued the three kids; consequently, he sees his dreams of being a divisional commander go up in smoke. All his training and dedication did not prepare him for children.  

From this point onwards, the sibling's rain-down disruption on Jake's order. We find out that these children have run away from foster care after their parents had died, and Social Services could not find one family to take all siblings as one group of three kids. As the outcome, the family would have been split up. Brynn, the oldest, cared for them for many months in the family cabin before the fire struck their hideout. Jake knew that Under the Safe Haven Law, a child must be looked after until a parent or Department of Social Services (DSS) arranges a Foster Family to stay with. 

For the next hour of the movie, you learn so much about the dynamics of the kids and their desire to stay as one family, and it is a real inspiration to see the courage of these kids as you learn more about them. During the film, Judy Greer, as Dr. Amy Hicks, is added to the mix to add a little romance to the story, which works very well.  

Playing with fire is a classic PG slapstick humor with no risk to be watched by all the family of all ages. Adults will have a great laugh as well and will see the underlying message that Director Andy Fickman weaves throughout the tale. This a forever family that is so much better than no family. With a positive end with a new family coming out of the ashes, I cannot recommend this movie highly enough.  

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