The advantages of being a foster parent of teenagers in VA

The advantages of being a foster parent of teenagers in VA

Advantages of being a foster parent of a teenager. 

Teenagers did not choice to be in Foster Care, an adult let them down.

When looking at the advantages of being a foster parent of a teenager, the media does a great job of saying why you should say no, here are some of the reasons you should say yes and make a fantastic difference for a child in real need.

Statistics indicate that 26,000 teens “age out” of (or exit) the foster care system every year at age 18. Reports further indicate that of those who age out, one in five will become homeless after age 18, approximately 50% will be unemployed by age 24. Many will have higher rates of jail time, and 71% of young women will become pregnant by age 21, increasing the possibility of starting the cycle all over again. Foster parents have the opportunity to be the stabilizing factor in a teen’s life.

Here are a few of the advantages to fostering teenagers:

You can show them what a real home is supposed to be like

Many of the children enter the foster care system, not having the opportunity to experience what a “real home” is like. Having routines such as eating at the dinner table as a family, cooking with mom or dad, or homework time, are usually unfamiliar experiences for foster children.

When you foster a teenager, you can give them a glimpse of what a loving family home is supposed to be like.

You can guide them through their tough teenage years.

Teenage years are challenging times for many teens. They learn so much about themselves and the person they’re becoming develops during this time. So, imagine going through all of this without their parents? When fostering a teenager, you have the opportunity to serve in a substitute role and provide them with a trusting relationship during this time of their life. This is one of the most challenging but rewarding and essential aspects of fostering.

You can teach them Important life lessons.

There are several things teenagers don’t learn in school but could be learned in the foster home.

You may become the only family they have

Can you imagine aging out of the foster system and having no one and not having a single family member to guide you into early adulthood? 

You can show them what love is

The sad truth is that many teens in foster care have never been shown, love. They’ve either never had anyone tell they are loved, or they’ve never had anyone prove it. Fostering a teen can mean you can be the final stop in their care journey through the child welfare system, and the last chance to show them a loving and caring home.

So, would you foster a teen?

Whether it’s helping them get the best grades in school, encouraging them to stick to their hobbies, or helping them pursue their dreams, there are many aspects to fostering a teen that make it one of the most rewarding things you’ll probably ever do.

No, it’s not easy, and many teens may not trust you instantly and will push you away, but securing the trust of a child who has never trusted anyone before is an immensely gratifying task. You’ll not only change the life of the teenager but also your own.

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