Voices of Foster Youth

When you are looking for information about how you, as a potential foster or adoptive parent, can help our children in Virginia, we believe that the stories and Voices of a Foster Youth can help. We wish you to give you an understanding of how these amazing kids have survived their journey before coming into foster care and their journey within the Department of Social Services (DSS). You are inviting these great children into your home if that is a temporary or a forever home time, and education will help you to make that choice. FosterVA is here to inspire you to hear the voices of our future.
  • Emma And Her Siblings Journey To A Forever Family

    Emma's Family

    Emma is one of four siblings who asked to be adopted together, due to abusive and neglectful parents. With support from the Kansas Department for Children and Families, the couple was able to keep a group of four siblings together.

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  • Daniel A Foster care journey to adoption


    Daniel was initially placed into foster care at age seven when his biological mother would disappear from home for weeks and months at a time, but was eventually reunited with his mother. Unfortunately, within two months, he was back in foster care and needed surgery, all while his biological mother said she didn’t want anything to do with him. Daniel was able to stay with a foster parent who guided and cared for him for around fifteen years, before they became his legal guardian.

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  • Alyssa my journey in Foster care


    Alyssa was in and out of foster care since birth. At the age of eleven, her mother was deported and her stepfather’s alcoholism put her back into foster care. Feeling powerless, Alyssa was bounced from house to house, letting her guard down only for something to happen to put it back up. Peace for Kids took her in, gave her support and put her on a solid path.

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  • Josh Diana a Foster Parent story

    Josh & Diana a Foster Parent Story

    Josh and Diana have been foster parents for four years. They originally planned to adopt, but decided to become foster parents. Throughout that time, they have had 10 children become part of their family at different times, including a teenager whose life they changed around. Throughout their foster parent journey they have adopted four children.

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  • Walter - A Former Foster Youth

    Walter - A Former Foster Youth

    Walter entered foster care at one year old after being abandoned at a motel. His foster mother took him in at two years old. When Walter became a teenager his foster mother became sick and he cared for her. He always knew he was loved by her, but for the first time he felt like he was in the role of a son rather than a foster kid. Walter recently graduated with a Master’s degree in social work from Clark Atlanta University.

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  • Royce enters foster care at 14

    Royce Enters Foster acre at 14

    Royce was in and out of care from the age of two, ending up back in foster care at 14 due to his mother’s drug, alcohol and physical abuse. He moved homes every year, and was eventually taken in by a friend’s grandparents who told him they wanted him to be ‘one of their boys’. Royce is now in his final year of college in Oregon and writes a blog on how growing up in foster care isn’t a normal way to grow up.

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  • JJ Story of Foster Care

    JJ's Story of Foster Care

    JJ was neglected as a child and had to care for his younger siblings at the age of eleven. After moving six times in six months, JJ finally found a family just when he thought he would be going back to a shelter.

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  • Aging Out of Foster Care

    Aging Out of Foster Care

    Life after foster care

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  • Fostering a Sibling Group

    Fostering a Sibling Group

    Lacey talks about her experience of being in foster care, and then her adoption story.

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  • Amazing Instant Family An Adoption Story

    Amazing Instant Family An Adoption Story

    A foster care story with a very large family!

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