What is Child Protective Services in Virginia?

What is Child Protective Services in Virginia?

The Role of Virginia Child Protective Service

Virginia CPS contact: 1 (800) 552 - 7096

Child Protective Services (CPS) check on over 7.9 million children after receiving a report of suspected child abuse or neglect in the USA.

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) receives some of these child abuse or neglect reports from a concerned adult or professional. Still, sometimes the child will report the abuse themselves. A child should never be afraid to call the CPS hotline. The team will always listen and help.

While many of those children will be declared non-victims by the investigator, many will be removed from an environment of neglect or abuse by local CPS workers. Some will be placed with friends or family, known as "Kinship Care," while keeping the child's safety in mind. Foster parents and Child Placing Agencies will be called to help if social services cannot find a Kinship care placement.

While these are countrywide stats, CPS Virginia has to protect the children in this Commonwealth. Yet, many people aren't familiar with everything that Child Protective Services (CPS) does and when they should call the Virginia CPS hotline.

CPS is an excellent resource for accurate information and education. CPS does not want to remove children from their biological parents; they want to ensure all children are well cared for and safe.

What Is Child Protective Services CPS?

Child Protective Services is a government agency responsible for protecting children if the children are experiencing abuse or neglect as defined by Virginia state and federal law.

The Virginia CPS is responsible for handling these duties for the entire state. Every county has its local agency of CPS, but they all follow guidelines and procedures that the state legislators provide.

What Can CPS Do in Virginia?

There are certain things that the Virginia child abuse agency can handle. They must ensure that the children are not in an abusive situation. By law in Section 63.2-1503 of the Code of Virginia, they must report specific types of suspected child abuse or neglect to the two-state agencies.

The first agency is law enforcement, and the dual agency is the Commonwealth's Attorney. Those reports will include sexual assault or sexual abuse, the death of a child, and other areas of abusive behavior and neglect. They will submit their investigator's reports to the police and the Court.

What Can't CPS Do in Virginia?

There are some things that the Virginia CPS can not handle. By law, a CPS worker can not require that you give up the care of your child to a family member or friend. Only the Court can order this. CPS can only suggest that you find someone other than yourself to care for the child outside of the home if you can't do so safely.

When Should You Call the Virginia CPS Hotline?

Suppose you have a suspicion or reasonable concern that a child is being neglected and/or abused. In that case, it can be critical to report it immediately. Four criteria will be assessed on each call to the CPS Hotline in Virginia.

Those four categories are sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and/or neglect. When you call, the hotline staff on this toll-free number (800) 552-7096 will gather information about the child. They will also inquire about the child's family or the people responsible for the child legally.

The Virginia CPS hotline will also want to know about circumstances that led you to believe that neglect or abuse has occurred. The local CPS is then responsible for investigating the allegations of neglect, abuse, or abandonment and the alleged abuser based on the information from your call.

Virginia CPS Is Here When Needed!

We all have to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Virginia CPS can be the very thing that helps save a child from a dangerous situation. Being someone in the community who can provide CPS with correct information is valuable to CPS.

If you or someone you know needs advice or help when dealing with a child protective services matter, please do not hesitate to call CPS. They are here to help and not hurt; they only want to protect a child in danger. They will let you know if the situation is not a problem.

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